Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Beginning

Today was... more or so a very unhappy one... Things don't seem to be going right at the moment and that goes for my friends as well, We're all going through something that none of us have any control over... But before I get any farther I think it would be better if I introduce who my friends are [not by name of course] My Main friends are E,A,& H I've known them for quite a while and I've grown close to them,And we know each other like books [more or less]. When we had first meet and became friends things were simple and happy,everything was fine then [Was...] But as we got older things.... changed.. and they were changes that were unwelcome and brought only dismay and tears...Now there are only days that things are [somewhat] alright and then there are other days where there is tension, anger, and jealousy that play out into the day that only brings unneeded tears... When a Close friend of mine had passed away I realized that I [Needed] to change,And slowly but surely I have [I Still am] I've learned to let go of all these negative emotions [Which is not easy, Still isn't] and to finally live free, to live for myself, And not let emotions like anger and jealousy ruin me and also to never let a boy rule my every being and aspect of my life, That only [I] can make myself happy. So far I have made improvements in my life and I feel free. I Shall leave it here. I can only hope how tomorrows day plays out... though I think no good will come tomorrow To my dismay... Till Tomorrow


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Welcoming

I'm Alice Amarantha And I'm New to This Blogging world,I'm not really sure what to expect or what I'll get out of blogging..But I hope for the best